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2 Unique Features of the ITouchless 13 Gallon Trash Can

You should checkout the iTouchless 13 gallon trash can that provides you with peace of mind in the home. Yes, using this waste bin means that you are not afraid of cross contamination when disposing garbage.

The iTouchless 13 gallon trash can is a 13 gallon capacity waste disposal unit. It is made of stainless steel and finished with brushed silver. These materials simple helps to enhance the durability.

Don’t be surprised if you get to know that many people never actually buy another waste disposal unit after buying this stainless steel trash can from iTouchless.

The iTouchless 13 gallon trash can is a garbage or waste bin to use in homes and offices. 2 of its unique features include:

  1. It comes with a water-resistant sensor guard. This means that its sensor can still work when enmeshed in water accidentally or otherwise. The sensor recognizes the wave of the hand and opens the lid so the user can dump the waste.
  1. ITouchless 13 gallon trash can come with a Garbage Retainer Ring. This feature holds down the garbage firmly so the lid can close perfectly. More so you don’t have to worry about split garbage.

Do You Know This Much About The Dyson Turbinehead Canister Vacuum?

The design of this brand of vacuum cleaner makes it possible for just about anyone to operate and maneuver. For those worrying about back pain, this is a perfect technology that eases their pain. The length of the handle makes it possible to vacuum without bending and at their comfort.

Dyson turbinehead canister vacuum is one brand you don’t want to miss because of its full-size canister and ball technology patented by Dyson. These provide for quality vacuum and maneuverability.

More so, the canister availability means that you are not faced with the rigors of having to deal with a bagful of debris.

So, with the above quick details you may want to consider going for the Dyson turbinehead canister vacuum. The DC 39 models are vacuums you don’t want to miss. It would interest you to know that the Dyson vacuums are among the best rated in the industry.